Simple Steps For Starting a Dairy Business in India:- Complete Guide

by Sam
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Dairy products in India are a basic necessity. And not a single morning in the Indian household starts without having a cup of tea. Kids end the day with a glass of milk at night. So the demand is there, and the supply is needed when there is a demand. So the basic business principle is completing the demand by supplying the needs.

The dairy industry never went off, no matter what the situation was. Even in the pandemic, milk was part of essential things, so business has its own uniqueness. Moreover, this industry has a contribution of more than 4{9c05f240892550a00e7365e64f9ef320b3da4fb0226928700604c09919d68859} of the economy so you can take an idea of how big this industry is. Dairy products are needed for every food item—milk, Ghee, curd, cheese and  buttermilk 

Simple Steps to Start Dairy Business in India

We have noted some of the best steps to help you start this business easily.

Clear Blueprint of Your Business Plan:-

Before starting any business, you must make a clear action plan, including all your steps and time frame. It can also involve the timelines or targets you have settled. A project can be made up of the things considered to be in the future and the initial plans you made. You should also know the area you must target and the animals you need to start the dairy farm in India. 

The vital factors in the blueprint are geography, household types and income. There are other factors, like the initial investment you had to put in and how big you want to take this business. The first plan should be made after looking at all your resources. 

Market Research Will Help You A Lot:- 

Business is all about delivering the customer’s needs, and it works on a simple formula of demand and supply. So you need to understand the company as well as the customers. It plays a good role in the overall model. You will find differences in the ratio of cow’s milk and buffalo’s milk customers, which you must consider and plan accordingly. First, decide how big you want to do your business and what you need. If you’re going to deliver your products to outside customers, you will need a commercial vehicle. Tata Intra V30 is one of the products which has been widely used in the milk delivery business. First, you must assess the customers’ activities, whether they want all the dairy products or just the milk. 

Investment and Location:- 

Investment is a big thing in this business as the return is higher. So, it would help if you decided how many animals you would start the business with. It will help get the size of your business and help you scale further. First, check out everything and the size of your customer’s locations you want to deliver and then invest in it. The investment prospect will tell you how much you need to invest for the first customers you are targeting. And, the location is important because you need to be situated at a place where you are reachable to the customers. 

Legal Formalities, Permissions and Licence:- 

The dairy business comes under the food business and needs verification from FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India). This business also needs authentication from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Both FSSAI and BIS regulate food safety and standard in India. These licences are very important for food businesses. 

Other than this, when you are starting a business, you need many other things like GSTIN, current account, and certificate from MSME and other government offices. You must register the company with the local veterinary and dairy development departments—a licence from the local panchayat and municipal corporation. 

Marketing of the Dairy Business:- 

Marketing the business is now a need or necessity for business. For a profitable startup, starting the marketing from the initial age of your business is better. The Internet is the best way to spread your business and make a presence among customers. You can develop all the business techs by yourself. You can promote your business in the city you live in and capture customers, which will benefit you in the long run. 

Agreement for Land and Waste Disposal:- 

The dairy business also gives you a chance to earn money in other ways. The natural waste of animals can be sold as a harvest for plants and many other things. The waste can also be used as compost to make biogas and other things. For all this, you also need many things, including a vehicle. You can opt for the Tata Intra V10 for this work which has a bigger loading capacity to carry all the compost and disposal. 


Milk is one of the most used commodities in India, and it is a daily requirement for the people of India. Small tea shops to big restaurants need milk and its products for supply. Dairy is our basic necessity, and all of us are bound by it, from a little child to a grown-up man who needs milk. 

The dairy business has grown multiple folds in India, and we must remember to mention Mr Verghese Kurien, who started all this in Gujarat. We have completed the blog with complete information, and we hope it will inspire you to start a business. 

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